Come to Neptune

Published by Bailey Herrera and Swoad Rahman

Our planet gives you the best vacation in the universe!

The distance from earth to neptune is only 2.2 billion miles and 2.8 billion miles from the sun! With our advanced rockets it will feel like a trip from New York to Paris. The atmosphere of Neptune is very icy and has visible weather patterns. This weather pattern is determined by the by the strongest winds in the solar system that push these patterns across Neptune. The average day upon day temperature is -218 degrees celsius, but don't worry we have got some indoor heaters for that. The weather conditions on Neptune is the average cloud temperature is from about - 240 degrees to -350 degrees F. High altitude clouds are made of methane ice crystal. The physical features of Neptune are rock and metal on the Surface of Neptune, which is bounded by a blend of rock, water and methane. The atmosphere, is actually hydrogen and helium at high altitudes, but has a increase of methane, water and etc. For Neptune to revolve around the sun takes 164.8 years. It takes Neptune one day to rotate on it's axis. Neptune has 13 moons (imaging that wonderful night sky). The gravitational pull compared to the earth is about 1.12. You might be wondering why it takes so long to revolve around the sun. This is because it is so far out the circle it has to make to orbit is huge. At this point if you want to travel here all you need to know is that you won't get to much motion sickness due to the rotation of Neptune.

Why come to Neptune

We have so much to offer! We have a luxury five star rated hotel called the Neptune de la Solar. With modern views tied into and old hacienda style palace who would be able to resist an offer so great. We have wonderful workers at your every day use and disposal. You will feel just like home because we have just added in the very first solar filters in the whole galaxy. Who needs a space suit indoors when you can live like your own home and breath free oxygen. These particles are then filtered back into methane and deposited outside to keep this cycle going. This year we have built a new resort right next to us. It is called Neptune's Pride therefor stating that it will be made out of ice which is a very common thing on a planet as cold as Neptune. We have found new technology for heaters that will keep our warm and not melt the ice and we have added our heavy duty breathing filters again. Not far from the hotel and resort we have built Houses you can buy and live in for the rest of your life or just rent out for your visit to the farthest planet from the Sun. These houses are built with heaters and filters so once again no space suit for you this time around. Now that we have explained the living courters and conditions we would like to tell you about the solar system famous Neptune Suit. This was designed by me Bailey Herrera and built by Swoad Rahman to keep you breathing and warm at the same time. You can even put the heat were you feel like it needs to be and turn the filter up and down depending on how the Methane levels are that day. This is a very easy suit to put on. In fact we have been told it is a little like a wetsuit from earth. You can zip it up and put on boots and gloves. The only thing that is a little tough to put on is the helmet, But don't worry we have an app for that as you humans would say. This app explains the instructions for the suit and comes with each one. Do you like looking at Earth's craters? Well Neptune has lots of craters too! We have some of the biggest craters in the planet and who ever said you needed Mount Everest to get snow in the summer? Come to Neptune and we have a crater that goes down instead of up, that means you down have to climb when you can just grab a rope and head on down. Also, because we are and ice and gas planet you better believe that there's some snow! We have also managed to build a big glass dome around a never ending tornado on Neptune's surface. So no more getting sucked in when you want to watch come here and watch the wrath contained and you humans safe. Neptune also has plenty of activities to take part in. We built an ice rink right in our planet's center and we have all the right gear and equipment too. We also built a ride a few years back called the Voyager 2. This ride takes you on a tour of Neptune. Hooked to a big ring we have built around our planet this ride travels up to 367 miles per hour. That beats a humans Bugatti any day of the week! This ride was built to re create the tour of the solar system made by the Voyager 2 in 1989.We have even built a bridge connecting our beloved moon Triton. From this Moon we have built shuttles that will take you to most of our other moons. Now, I know you Humans worry a like all lifeforms in the galaxy but please don't we have a rocket the will take you from Earth to Neptune and back to Earth.This rocket is just like your humans only a lot more modern and with more tasty treats. The ride will be like flying in an air plane for you humans only alot more comfortable. The journey will only take about 4 hours and 11 minutes. You wonder why it is so short if the distance is so long. That is because we have managed to put the speed of light in space craft. Just to show you how Modern our Planet is getting and what we could share with you earthlings!

Unleash your inner Neptune!

If you are interested in our wonderful hotels and features here is the information you will need to contact me and my fellow vacation expert Swoad. We will do our best to get you on a trip to the wonderful planet: NEPTUNE!