By: Bethany Sciara


An abnormal and persistent fear of facial blushing.

How Erythrophobia is initiated:

People that have Erythrophobia experience undue anxiety about blushing. However, they do realize their fear is irrational. Their anxiety results from worry about being the focus of attention and the subject of embarrassment.

How blushing works:

When people are anxious or embarrassed, the bodies are flooded by epinephrine, also known as adrenaline. Epinephrine may act as a vasodilator on certain blood vessels. This causes blood vessels to widen. Blushing is a side effect of the vasodilation of certain veins in the face.

Famous person who has Erythrophobia:

Tom Nolan

Tom Nolan is an actor who has been starred in multiple shows and movies since the 1950s. His suffering from Erythrophobia has not stopped him from achieving his goals. Some of the movies he is include, Batman Begins, Pretty Woman, and School Spirit.

Treatment of Erythrophobia:

Medications can help with the social anxiety that sparks blushing.

There is also a surgery that cuts off sympathetic nerve responses to the facial veins.

The most common treatment is behavioral therapy.