Communisim's Spread By: Solomon C.

Did Communism Spread In Southeast Asia?

The Domino Effect

The government didn't like communism along with the UN however communism and the ideas behind it where growing rapidly in southeast Asia. The UN and USA believed in a theory called the domino effect. The domino effect was a thought that if one country became communist the other countries around it would to. Because of this America and the UN fought North Korea to stop the spread.

China's Involvement in The War

During the fighting and war between the UN and North Korea the Americans and UN were scared that China was going to join the fight under communisms side. The communist China began to slowly put in there word and then all of a sudden China's military attacked the UN and America with it's army. The communist side one and took some of South Korea. Communism was spreading.

Fighting Back

The USA and UN fought China and North Korea with its army to gain back the land. The fight was horrible and dangerous. The UN and America won the land back and claimed victory.


Protest had a big effect on both sides of the war. Propaganda posters an rallying played a big part expecially. in North Korea a lot of people denied communism and protested. A group of college aged kids protested at tienamin square. After a few weeks the army attacked the with guns and tanks. On the way to or from (not really documented) a man stood in front of about 8 tanks. He jumped on the tank and banged on the door for them to stop. They didn't shoot him with the tanks and eventually people had to move him away. No one knows what happened to him after that day but it stuck people's hearts and made them feel like they should help. The people who were protesting held up this sign -✌- which ment victory.

Results Of The War

The war lasted two or three years before an armistice was signed. Korea was split at the 38th parallel. The victors were the UN and USA. This war was a stalemate war.

The was In my opinion the containment of communism was not a success because of the spread to other countries and communism was not ended. North Korea and China are still communist and most likely will be for a long remainder of time.