Going Sledding with Orbit

It was a freezing cold snow day that was spent perfectly with my dog. The snow blew and the wind was icy. Yet, that did not stop us from having a good time. My beautiful black and white Collie mix was outside prancing around with us; a toboggan tied perfectly to her old worn baby blue collar. We have a hill in our backyard and as we all boarded at the top she started to trot down the hill, but then the toboggan started to gain on her and she picked up her pace kicking snow up behind her. As we made it to the end of the hill she halted to a stop. Even though she came to a stop we on the other hand did not. Rocketing down the hill it hit her back flying over her throwing her little snout into the snow and whipping us completely off. As she regained strength to get up after her fall we all giggled wiping snow from our faces. She then much to her dismay I believe realized we were boarding again. There wasn’t much she could do as the old wooden toboggan was perfectly tied to her collar. As she started up the hill became very slow pulling as hard as she possibly could only to fail again and again. This continued for hours till her little black paws were white and icy and we figured it was time to finish.

Orbit’s a Bear

Black bear sightings in Jefferson had just become more popular on one brisk winter’s day. It was blowing snow and very chilly out to the point where nobody wanted to be out in the cold. Orbit saw something scatter through the bushes not really thinking she shot off through the neighbor’s yards. Till finally she lost sight of the neighborhood cat but now she was lost for good. As Mrs. M came outside she thought she saw a bear and started to scream. The other neighbors became quite confused laughing a bit because they saw no bear, all they saw was Orbit. With her wet tangled black mane and her small furry body she did look like a small bear cub. Orbit just barked as Mark her husband took her home. Everyone was laughing at this 45 pound “bear”. She was finally home where she was accepted as a dog and not a bear.

Howling Dog

A dog howls in the dark with a big shaggy body resembling a body like Orbit's.

Trying to Groom Orbit

Orbit hated baths and haircuts, even though those were both things she needed badly. She was such a pain to bathe and get her haircut. Being bathed only twice a year and having her hair cut once a year you would think it wouldn’t be such a burden. To start off her summer bath and haircut Orbit in the mid-morning would be supplied with her drowsy pills in water. Then around lunch time you would begin the grueling 3-4 hour long task. Since she hated to be brushed her hair was a mess of tangles and mats that had to be cut out. So, my dad would go through and cut every single mat, burr, and tangle out. An hour or so later we would prepare her for the dreaded task of bathing her. We would have to carefully hogtie her, put a muzzle on her, and get a leash on her. Then my dad would carry her outside as we filled an old storage bin with hose water. She would whine and try and thrash through the duct tape but she failed severely as we plopped her into the bin. We made sure it wasn’t too deep considering she was on her back. We would quickly rinse her off and towel dry her before unleashing the beast again, praying she wasn’t too upset. We all would laugh at her super short puffed up hair and skinny little puff of a tail, it was always interesting with her.