Le Quartier Latin

Paris, France


  • Le Quartier Latin is located in the 5th and 6th arrondissements in Paris. It is located on the left bank of the Seine, around the Sorbonne.

  • The Latin Quarter of Paris is known for it's student life, and bistros, the Latin Quarter is home to a lot of schools and universities.

  • The area gets its name from the latin language since it was widely spoken in the middle ages.

  • The area has a lot of sculptures such as the fountain of Saint Michel killing a demon.

  • The fountain was once a place of many protests and social uprisings.

  • The Latin Quarter is divided by boulevard St. Germain and boulevard St. Michel. They are the two main streets in the Quarter.

  • There is a road called Place St. André des Arts where artists can come and paint. It is surrounded by little restaurants and bistros.

  • The Latin Quarter also has a lot of museums but the most famous one is at the intersection of St. Germain and St. Michel. It is called the Cluny Museum and is filled with artifacts and artwork from Medieval Europe.

  • Another thing to see is the Pantheon on St. Michel. It was originally built as a church in 1758. After the Revolution, the government decided it was more politically correct to rename it mausoleum for the French geniuses.

  • The Luxembourg gardens are fairly close to the Pantheon and are a popular site to visit when the weather is nice.

  • The Shakespeare Company and Bookstore is also not to miss. It is a replica of the original bookstore which was burned in a fire.

  • There are also many hotels to stay in such as Le Petit Belloy and Villas Des Princes.
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