Day in History

November 28, 2000

Ally Long's Birth

Tuesday, Nov. 28th 2000 at 1:45am

903 Heathdale Lane

Media, PA

The Day of My Birth

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Year of the Dragon

As of November 16th, I am 5465 days old

Bill Clinton was POTUS

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Famous Births

1992- Adam Hicks: American actor, rapper, singer-songwriter

1983- Tyler Glenn- Lead vocalist and keyboardist of Neon Trees

1979- Chamillionaire: American rapper & entrepreneur

1962- Jon Stewart: comedian, former host of "The Daily Show"

Must Have Toys of 2000

Britney: Piece Of Me

Oops!...I Did It Again (Britney- Piece Of Me) STUDIO VERSION by Britney: Piece Of Me

What did it cost in 2000?

Historical Events

2000- Ukranian president Leonid Kachma is accused of kidnapping a journalist in what would be known as Cassette Scandel

1994- Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer is murdered in a Wisconsin prison

1989- Czeckoslovakian Communist Party gives up political monopoly

1979- A New Zealander sightseeing plane crashes over Antarctica killing all 257 passengers

1958- African Nation of Chad becomes a French Republic

1925- The Grand Ole Osprey begins broadcasting

1821- Panama celebrates independence from Spain

1777- John Adams replaces Silas Deana as commissioner to France

1582- William Shakespeare marries Anne Hathaway

1520- Ferdinand Magellan becomes the first Eurpean explorer to sail from the Atlantic to the Pacific

Popular Culture