January 2016 Team Recognition

Dreiling Nation

Off to an AMAZING start in 2016!!

We are off to an amazing start to 2016!! What you do NOW and each day THIS WEEK and NEXT week to prepare for February, March and early April, will determine the size of the explosive growth you will see heading out of GTC and into the summer.

Focus on SPONSORING! As you hear me say time and time again....BIG sponsoring, leads to BIG promotions! And I know we have a ton of BIG things coming our way! My call to action for February for ALL of us is to sponsor at least 2 more people (PCs or Cons) that we did in January - so if you sponsored 5, set a goal to sponsor 7...and if you sponsored 0, set a goal to sponsor 2! Believe me, people are looking for what we have, both in terms of this life-changing business AND our products!

What I've always heard from day one is in order to see life changing success with Arbonne, you have to make it one of your top 3-4 priorities. My top priorities are 1) My Faith 2) My Family 3) Arbonne (when I was working full time, my JOB had to come before Arbonne in that particular season of my life). You HAVE to carve out consistent time to grow an Arbonne empire. You have to invest time in others, lift them up, breathe belief into them. You have to invest time in personal growth and development. This is a part-time business, not a sometime business. Carve out some part time hours into your schedule, be bold, step out of that comfort zone, invest in others and you will see major growth!! Trust me, it's those small, seemingly insignificant tasks done on a daily basis that will add up to BIG things!

Be coachable, do the do, plug into everything, embrace challenges, and grow into the person you were designed to be!!

THIS is what I see in 2016! Which one is yours??

January Recognition - Effective Feb 1st

Congratulations on your promotion, qualification, and/or bonus!

Area Managers in Qualification

Hillary Dunks in Lisa Meiring's Area

Stephanie Aretz in Trisha Dreiling’s Area

New District Managers (8% pay raise!)

Shawna Lanham promoted by Liz Hutchinson

Fiona Horner promoted by McKenzie Cartwright

Elisabeth Strouse promoted by Dylan Miller

DMs in Qualification

Sierra Mcneal in Hillary Dunks's District

Jillian Wallendorf in Hillary Dunks's District

Coza Perry in Lisa Meiring's District

Michelle Meiring (MI) in Lisa Meiring's District

Kat Tadson (MI) in Lisa Meiring's District

Heidi Grannis (TX) in Brooks Radighieri's District

Bekki Mueller (TX) in Brooks Radighieri's District

Ingrid Stolmack in Mary Pugh's District

Sarah Stilp (WI) in Kirsten Cooper Borkenhagen's District

Elle Eades (TX) in Kimmi Nguyen Lehr's District

Tiffany Brown (CA) in Lisa Schroedter's District

Ang Martinelli in Liz Hutchinson's District

Iris Saint in Liz Hutchinson's District

Dione Benson in Sue Bertram's District

Alice Porter in McKenzie Cartwright's District

Lindsey Renn in McKenzie Cartwright's District

Katie Fix in McKenzie Cartwright's District

Jennifer Grout in Amber Kavan's District

Jaimie Diemer in Amber Kavan's District

Rachael Knable in Dylan Miller's District

Mattie Liebgott in Dylan Miller's District

Kellina Van Gaalen in Dylan Miller's District

Moriah Hager (WY) in Jenn Mitchell's District

Sami Starkey (WY) in Chrisanna Lund's District

Cheyenne Rising (WY) in Chrisanna Lund's District

Lyndsey King in Trisha Dreiling’s District

Becky Easton (AZ) in Stephanie Aretz’s District

Garrett Mccollum in Jennifer Edewaard’s District

Arynn Thorp in Nina Sloan's District

Erin Kuenstler in Nina Sloan's District

Amanda Christopher in Gwyneth Spinden’s District

DM Bonus Earners (extra $200!)

Kimmi Nguyen Lehr (first month as DM!)

Lisa Meiring

McKenzie Cartwright

Dylan Miller

Gwyneth Spinden

Trisha Dreiling

AM Bonus Earners (extra $400!)

Liz Hutchinson

Trisha Dreiling

VP Bonus Earners (extra $600!)

Liz Hutchinson

Mid Month Rockstars - 2500QV in Central District on or before the 15th

Lisa Meiring

Tania Diller

Maggie Meyer

McKenzie Cartwright

Kimmi Nguyen Lehr

Nina Sloan

Gwyneth Spinden

Trisha Dreiling

These rockstars promoted to the next level in their business!

Sales and Sponsoring Superstars!


Liz Hutchinson - 62,202


Liz Hutchinson - 71

TOP AREA QV (Top 10 over 10K)

Trisha Dreiling - 24,224.50

Liz Hutchinson - 23,913.50

Holly Houseworth - 17,732

Lisa Meiring - 17,504.50

TOP AREA SPONSORING (Top 10 over 10)

Liz Hutchinson - 34

Lisa Meiring - 19

Trisha Dreiling - 15

Holly Houseworth - 13

TOP DISTRICT QV (Top 10 over 5K)

Lisa Meiring - 9,267

Dylan Miller - 7,668

McKenzie Cartwright - 7,100

Liz Hutchinson - 6,686

Trisha Dreiling - 5,913

Gwyneth Spinden - 5,444

Kimm Nguyen Lehr - 5,329


Lisa Meiring - 12

Kimmi Nguyen Lehr - 11

Dylan Miller - 10

Lisa Schroedter - 8

McKenzie Cartwright - 8

Stephanie Aretz - 7

Hillary Dunks - 6

Gwyneth Spinden - 6

Lisa Clore - 5

Trisha Dreiling - 5


Kimmi Ngueyn Lehr - 8

Rachael Knable - 7

Michelle Meiring - 6


Link to Register and more details about the event:


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