Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh

What is this painting about-who is the intended audience?

Troubled.....he was looking for solace on a hill far away!

van Gogh was troubled by money problems and health issues and not to mention that he cut off his ear trying to make someone love him. He was very much in desperation mode I would say a large portion of his life. No one really knows for certain why but I believe that the theme of his painting that he is sitting up on a hill out in the middle of the country away from the city he looks down upon. He is serene and it is peaceful and also I think that he is showing the viewer that he feels all alone in his struggles. I believe that he painted this for his brother Theo so that he could possibly make him understand his agony.

Poor van Gogh.....he surely would be happy to know what has happened to his artwork today!