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February: Parenting + Remote Learning 2020-21 Issue #4

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Contingency Learning Plans...What are They??

Over the past 8 months, I'm sure you have heard the term Contingency Learning Plan or CLP's. What are they, what does it really mean for me and my child/children, what does it look like? Here is some information on what CLP's are and answering questions you may have about them.
Special Services IEP Contingency Plan Explainer

Contingency Learning Plan Definitions

CONTINGENCY LEARNING PLAN – For each student with an IEP, the state encourages IEP teams to create a contingency learning plan to explain the special education and related services the district will provide during time away from school. This plan is individualized, based on the current IEP, and makes sure the student can access the education being offered by their district. Districts are encouraged to develop the plan with input from parents because parents are part of the IEP Team.

CONTINUITY OF LEARNING PLAN – Each district developed a continuity of learning plan to finish out this past school year. This plan explained how the district provided instruction for all students (including those with IEPs). This could have been paper packet pickup, phone calls, online classes, or a combination of methods. This plan sunsetted at the end of the 2019/2020 school year.

IDEA Link for Additional Information

Here are additional resources and information related to guidance for compliance with the IDEA and the MARSE during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Components of Contingency Plans

  • Goal areas from IEP
  • Frequency of services
  • Data collection methods
  • Service delivery methods
  • Adaptations for distance learning
  • Parent input
  • Document parent requests

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