Athena Parthenon

William Cable


The Athena Parthenon stands atop the Acropolis with lots of other temples and shrines. The Acropolis is a small plateau in the heart of Athens, Greece. Only the best of these temples to goddesses stood on the Acropolis.

How and Why it was Built

It was built to honer Athena and inside it were other temples and shrines to other gods and goddesses. The construction of the Parthenon was from 447 B.C and finished in 438 B.C. It is estimated that about 13,400 stones were used. At the time, it cost 469 talents to build.

Why is the Parthenon in ruins today?

The Parthenon is in ruins because of minor fires and winds. But most of the damage happened when some gunpowder was stored and a cannonball struck, causing an explosion which killed 300 men and brought 16 columns down to rubble.
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