Animal Abuse

Animal Abuse needs to stop!

Research Questions

  • why would people do it?
  • what are the causes and effects?
  • where do these things most likely take place?
  • how many animals are getting abused a year?
  • what type of animal does this most likely to happen to?
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This is about animal abuse, the causes and the effects ,ect. Animals get abused every 60 seconds in a day. ¨The government data on domestic violence cases reveal a staggering number of animals are victimized by abusive partners each year.¨ There is two sides to the animal abuse arguing if the do it on purpose or not for example on side argues if people do it on purpose, ¨Most people who abuse animals don't do it on purpose. They hurt animals because they don't think about or realize what they are doing. Many of these people don't know that what they are doing is cruel. For example, some people don't realize what kinds of shelter different animals need.The other side is they do, do it on purpose for example, ¨The next biggest group of animal abusers do it on purpose, but don't keep doing it for a long period of time.¨ The most common animals this happens to is, pitbulls, other type of dogs and Rarely horses, and most of all Chickens. Chickens are getting abused by other animals for reason and also humans cooking or eating or just being abused. The causes of animal abuse are if the people that are doing animal abuse normally will have depression or anger issues. The effects of animal abuse are the animals can die from being killed or get really injured by the people who do animal abuse. The places this normally happens is dog fights, Idaho, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi and North Dakota. These’s places not always happen but they are the most likely to happen In theses places. There are many reasons that people do this and many animals and places this is and thats why I thought it would be interesting to learn and right about animal abuse.