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Dear Bingham and Downing families,

On February 27-March 3 students will be participating in Jump Rope For Heart during their physical education class or during their opposing grades class at their school. This will give students the opportunity to work with their peers and have fun at the same time! Though this is a fund-raising event, students that do not bring in a donation envelope will still be joining in. Several stations will be set up that students will be rotating through, each station involves an activity with jumping.

Donations can be done two different ways through the American Heart Association. You can place money and or check in the envelope sent home with your child or you can donate online. Choosing to donate online will allow you some neat options. You can create an online account and share it with friends and family this way they can donate online as well, their donation will be credited to your child. Any form of donation will also get your child's name on the Zoo Crew poster hanging in the gym. Students at Bingham school can donate online HERE.

Students at Downing school can donate online HERE.

All of this information is included on the donation envelope and materials sent home with your child.

As the new Health and Physical education teacher at Bingham and Downing elementary schools I set a goal of $3000 at each school. The class that raises the most accumulative amount gets to help assist their classroom teacher in pieing me in the face! I will also be dressing up and teaching gym as one of the Zoo Crew characters. I ask that all donations be in by February 27th.

If you have any questions about Jump Rope For Heart please email me at:


Brandon Giesen

Bingham and Downing Health and Physical Education Teacher

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