Men's Sexual Recovery Groups!

Weekly Therapy Groups For Men!

Evidenced-Based Groups for Men with Sexual and Relationship Issues

Research shows that the top three interventions that are most effective for sexual recovery include:

  • Weekly Individual Therapy
  • Weekly Group
  • A Regular 12-Step Type Meeting

Our nationally recognized sexual and relationship recovery program provides men with the structure and support they need to recover from sexual and relationship issues. We treat men struggling with the following:

Infidelity, pornography addiction, compulsive one night stands, compulsive attendance of "massage" parlors, strip clubs, hook-up apps, relationship addiction that includes stalking and obsessive thinking and behaving, compulsive relationships, controlling behavior.

Men in our program often have co-occurring issues such as food addiction, substance abuse, deprivation issues, trauma, anxiety, depression, narcissistic wounds, OCD.

Our expert team incorporates an evidence based model, Patrick Carnes' Task-Based Approach to Sexual and Relationship Recovery along with trauma therapy (EMDR, Mindfulness based CBT) and Internal Family Systems (Parts Work ) Model to get to the heart of the matter (since it is never about sex) so that individuals can attain long term recovery and relationship satisfaction.

Our Proven Results Create Lasting Change!

Weekly Group Support For Lasting Recovery

When: Mon (6-8pm), Tues (5:30-7:00 pm)

Facilitators: Rich Andelin, LCMHC,CSAT & Meg Martinez, LACMHC, ASAT-C

Location: 4505 South Wasatch Blvd Ste 205, SLC, UT 84124

Tuition: $45 per group; PIF per month; on-going; no refund for no shows/cancellations; weekly commitment required for your lasting recovery

Workbook: Facing the Shadows by Dr. Patrick Carnes (sold at our location)

RSVP:; 801-272-3500

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