What kind of training do astronauts do ?

  1. CSA Orientation
  2. History of Space Flight
  3. Robotics
  4. Human Behavior and Performance
  5. Materials and Fluid Science
  6. First Aid and CPR
  7. Language Training
  8. Operation of Photographic Equipment
  9. Public Speaking and Media Relations
  10. First Aid and CPR
  11. Language Training
  12. SCUBA Diving

What is Dextre ?

Dextre is a two armed robot or telemanipulator that is a part of The International Space Station (ISS).

What are some basic training skills astronauts need to know.

  • Flight History
  • Survival Training
  • Language Training
  • Public Speaking and Media Relations
  • Operation of Photographic Equipment

What are some skills that astronauts are expected to maintain at all times ?

The need to maintain Human Behavior, Public Speaking ,Media Relations,and Performance.

How many Astronauts applied and how many were chosen to be hired in 2008 for the Canadian space agency ?

5,300 Astronauts applied for the Canadian Space Agency or for shorter form CSA.

FAQs about Astronauts

  1. An Astronauts has to be past range of 26 46 or 34.
  2. GS-11 starts $66,026 per a year and GS-14 earn up to $114,566 per a year.
  3. A Rocket goes 39,000 km/h.
  4. Apollos mission to the moon took 3 days just to get there.

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