Mrs. Sefton's Class Family

Reading "Benchmark"

  • The units include, but are not limited to: Main Idea's/ Supporting Details, Sequencing, Inferring Summarizing, Comparing and Contrasting, Cause and Effect, Making Conclusions, Making Judgments.
  • After our whole class lesson, students will get into mixed ability groups to complete 6 stations while teachers work with small groups on skill work that meets their needs.


*Daily Vocabulary Cartoon

  1. Social Studies

  2. Mystery Science Exploration

  3. Benchmark Leveled Readers

  4. Benchmark Word Study/Fluency

  5. Benchmark Writing Sources and Handbook

  6. Benchmark Comprehension Passages

  • A class novel will also be read each quarter and discussed, with a Post-Test.

Social Studies

  • The units include, but are not limited to: Geography/Chart skills; Native Americans; 13 Colonies; American Revolution; Government; Civil War.
  • During our whole group lesson, we will be discussing a video clip and artwork while creating an outline and writing piece.
  • In the Guided Reading Stations, students will discover more about the time period.


  • Our units include, but are not limited to: Properties of Matter, Earth Systems,Matter and Energy Transfers in Ecosystems, Water, Changes in Matter.
  • During the Guided Reading Stations, students will use Mystery Science on their Chromebooks to explore.


  • We are using our School-Wide GO MATH series for the second year. The Units include, but our not limited to: Long Adding/Subtracting/Multiplying/Dividing, place value/estimating/rounding, pre-algebra, Fractions (adding, subtracting, multiplying dividing), data and measurement, graphing, geometry, probability.
  • After our whole class lesson, students will get into mixed ability groups to complete 6 stations while teachers work with small groups on skill work that meets their needs. During their station time, students will practice "Math Talk" and "Teach Time". They will work together and take turns showing each other how to solve and think through the problem step by step.
  • Math Stations:

  1. Personalized Work for Gaps and Enrichment-

  2. Real-World Project

  3. Spiral Review

  4. The Write Way Journal

  5. Vocabulary

  6. ST Math


  • The units include, but are not limited to: Memoirs, Historical Fiction, Persuasive Letters, Biographies, and Informational Reports.
  • We will be integrating Writing into every subject.

Grade Book

Grade Categories:

Language Arts-Writing

Effort/Participation 15%

Class Pieces 35%

Individual Pieces 50%



Classwork 20%

Unit Tests-20%

Passage Tests--30%


Participation/Effort/ 15%



Social Studies


Classwork 25%





4 Ways to Know Your Child's Grades

1) Look on-line at Infinite Campus- You can get your username and password from the office by showing id. I usually update test grades every 1-2 weeks, and homework grades every 2-4 weeks.

2) Check your child's Data Binder

3)Check their Rocket Folder for graded papers once a week.

4) Ask your child how they did on their test, and/or what grade they earned.

7 Daily Habits of Happy Kids (New School-Wide Resource)

You’re in Charge

We will accept responsibility for our actions in our words and thoughts.

Have A Plan

We will plan ahead and set goals.

Everyone Can Win

We will be respectful to everyone by staying positive in our actions, words, and attitude.

Listen Before You Talk

We will try to understand other people’s ideas and feelings while using eye contact.

Together Is Better

We will be good leaders by being people others can look up to and be inspired by.

Balance Feels Best

We take care of ourselves by eating right, exercising, getting sleep, and helping others

Work First,Then Play

We set priorities, make a schedule, and follow the plan.The

Thank you for Signing Up to Receive My Brief Text Reminders

To Sign up, write a text message saying @seft to 859-475-1346

Sefton's OES Wall of Service (Service Learning Adventures)

1. Economic Market- funds for playground equipment

2. Letters to Veterans

3. "Scarf it Up" Card to Homeless

4.Raised Support for Type 1 Diabetes

5. Candy for the Troops

6. Thanksgiving Meal for Families at Ockerman Elementary
7. Promoting Literacy as Reading Buddy Leaders with a first grade class

8.Read-a-thon to raise support and awareness for families in the Horn of Africa.

9. Hygiene Supplies for Families in Mexico City

10. Raised Support for Epilepsy

Summer Bonus

  • You will receive a 'Bonus' pass, 'Class Raffle Ticket', and an Ockerman Ticket!
  • Reading- Complete a creative chapter book summary of a recent summer book. For example, essay, PowerPoint/Google slide, character journal, video clip, game board...or any other creative idea that summarizes the chapter book.
  • Writing- Complete a two page research essay/piece about your favorite topic to research. For example, favorite animal, favorite city, favorite vacation, favorite band..... or any other research topic.
  • Math- We are going to take a Multiplication Practice Test the first week of school. Make sure you know your two through twelve's. For example, 8x9 or 12x5...

5th Grade School Supplies

  • Please do not stress about supplies. Get what you can, and we will share the rest.
  • We will organize and label supplies on the first day.
  • It would help to have your name on the folders, notebooks, and Binder

*One 3 ring, 1 1/2 inch Binder with Pockets (no zippers)-for Data and Leadership

*3 Folders For:



*4 Notebooks:



Social Studies/Science



Pencil Box or Bag

Glue Sticks

Dry Erase Markers


Block Eraser

Index Cards

Red Pens


First day of School

I can't wait to build our class family!


(Subject to Change at Any time)

Class Favorite Quotes

Love Yourself...Love Others!

We can do small things with Great love to change the world.- by Mother Teresa

If you Judge people, you have no time to love.- by Mother Teresa

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world!- by Nelson Mandela


  • Preamble
  • Pledge
  • Presidents
  • States
  • Anthem
  • Gettysburg

Open House

  • Small snack provided for Students and Families
  • Room W-24-Located at the end of the 5th grade hallway.
  • You will be asked to complete a quick/fun survey together with your child, and to use your cell phone to sign up to be on my homework texts.
  • You will take home a paper copy of the class new letter, and communication form.

STAR Procedures (School-Wide Program)



Always Prepared

Respectful and Responsible


· Allows students to work with peers at their academic level to get the extra help they need, or to be challenged

· RTI (response to Intervention)- if your child is below grade level, they will be in a Tier to receive extra help

· Tier 1- for students who are slightly behind

· Tier 2- For students who are moderately behind

· Tier 3- for students who are severely behind

· If your child was in RTI last year, they still be in it, unless they were Tier 1 and were still released

AR School Wide Change

Goals will be set by student's individual academic need.

Growth Mindset

Our class family will be practicing how to have a Growth Mindset about school and ourselves!