A Note From Your Board

The 23-24 Budget

The WCUUSD Board would like to express our gratitude for our Superintendent and the Leadership Team for all their work in helping us prepare a budget for our community. We also want to thank our community members for participating through a challenging budgeting year.

The budget adopted by the Board is a level-program budget, one that provides the same programming we are providing this year. This represents a 9.98% net expense increase, and our per pupil spending would be $23,022. We believe this budget will meet our kids where they are and allows us to remain committed to our work in academic excellence, safe and healthy schools and humanity and justice.

We know that our district is entering a difficult period of time given our declining enrollment, the sunset of our ESSER funds, inflation, labor scarcity, future negotiations commitments and the economic slowdown. We are committed to working with our communities to develop a long-term plan that is fair to all stakeholders and will work for our students. We are committed to continuing our budget work year-round, and are hoping to kick off our visioning and strategic planning work as soon as possible. Our goal is to fully engage our communities and our students, identifying the opportunities we have together as a District and intentionally focusing on student outcomes, community engagement and long-term planning. We want to lay the groundwork for collaboration and trust for years to come as we continue to best serve all our students.

Please join us on February 15th at 6:15pm for a virtual budget presentation (link here).

And...make sure to vote in March!

Thank you for your support,

Ursula, Lindy, Jonas, Mckalyn, Maggie, Jonathan,Eric,Diane, Natasha,Chris, Daniel, Joshua,Kari and Flor