Dr. Linda Salvin

Dr. Linda Salvin—Famous Spiritual Physician

Dr. Linda Salvin—Famous Spiritual Physician

Dr. Linda Salvin graduated on Health Education from San Francisco State University in 1975. She then did her Masters from the University of Michigan in 1977 on Public Health. In 1999 she was decreed as a Doctor of Divinity. Again in 2008 Linda was accolade with her Ph.D. in Metaphysics from the American Institute of Holistic Theology.

Evolution to the domain of spirituality-

Her ascent to the level where she developed the abilities of spiritual connection, psychic healing and medium-ship began with a series of undesired incidents.

l In 1981 while travelling for professional reasons, Linda survived an air crash in 1981. This marked the beginning of her spiritual and psychic transformations.

l In 1982 she was struck by a fire truck and she still survived. This influenced her spirituality immensely.

l In 1984 she encountered another traumatic auto accident. This increased her psychic capacities hugely.

l In 1991 she had undergone a critical surgery and this life-altering experience, opened up her healing powers.

l In 1996 she had to go through multiple surgeries to remove the tumours from her body which were developed from healing people. After the first three surgeries her trans-medium capabilities received their full blossom and she began to communicate with the other side to assist people.

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Services she provided in her Line of Work

Services she provided in her Line of Work

In 1994 she started her night-time psychic on Los Angeles’ KBIG (104 FM)
Later she went on to produce as well as host her show on KIEV (870 AM) in Southern California
Then she did the same for the Cable Radio Networks.
In 2004, she began to hosted her show “Linda Salvin: Visions & Solutions” nationally on radio
In 2005, Linda was on Los Angeles’ KLSX (97.1 FM) TALK
During this time she also produced her Wicks of Wisdom TV infomercial
In 2010, DR LINDA SALVIN PSYCHIC & ASTROLOGY NETWORK began as the result of her 16 years of on-air work for psychic teaching to help people
Currently she is hosting new show “Psychic’s Psychic” on KABC (790 AM)
The internet is another medium blessed with her strong presence

Being the most famous spiritual physician, everyone starting from fellow psychics through CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to celebrities, office clerks, blue-collar workers etc. seek her professional help.

Assistances Offered

1. Future Readings
2. Channelling to loved ones on the other side
3. Healing your soul
4. Wicks of Wisdom Candles to deal with your concerns
5. Chocolates to heal you heavenly and fortify your body
6. Spiritual Radio in case you want to inquire Dr. Salvin anonymously
7. Spiritual Healing Books of Dr. Linda Salvin

Whether in person or through radio or via television, Dr. Salvin bestows only love upon people.

Dr. Linda Salvin

Dr. Linda is a famous spiritual healer and Physician. Linda Salvin offers religious & a famous spiritual healer decision in CA and around the USA. And provides accurate, user-friendly numbers by the Radio, Email or direct conversation.