WARNING Animal on the lose



Warning do not approach this animal this animal may be deadly,this animal lives in trees and on the roof top of your home's.

The National Animal Rescue Corporation (NARC), named it the Cocksuroo because it has a head like a cockatiel has a body like a possum and a tail\back looks like the end like a kangaroo.

This animal is nocturnal so it wont attack you during the day.

This animal escaped from a high school in Balmoral. The school is in shut down for further investigation.

Lock your doors shut your windows stay home and stay SAFE!

  • Reward:
  • $1000 If caught alive

This picture was taken by the lighthouse in the gold coast and heading back to Brisbane.

f found PLEASE call us on 849-052-4110

or e-mail us also at NARCprotection@iloveanimals.com


By Nathan Spencer