Comedy Tour feat. Preferred Parking

Thurday, April 23rd, 7pm in Mobius Hall

"Two comedians, two disabilities, one super cute friendship."

"Drew Lynch recently suffered a softball accident paralyzing one of his vocal cords causing him to stutter. In his struggle to fit in Drew met a comedian who’s had Tourettes his whole life (the twitchy kind), Samuel J. Comroe. Both are subjected to unwanted situations throughout their daily lives. This is the inspirational show people have been waiting for; focusing on how the underdog can reflect a lifelong struggle in a positive and hilarious light. These hilarious comedians with challenges, inspire and motivate you to think twice about complaining about YOUR life! Drew Lynch and Samuel Comroe bring you an amazing comedy show that will sincerely make you laugh and re-think the word “Handy-Capped.”


Join us in Mobius Hall this Thursday, April 23, at 7 to attend this amazing show!

Check out a clip of their show below or on their website above! PREPARE TO LAUGH!

Explaining Disabilities To Kids Is Difficult

Comedy Tour featuring Preferred Parking

Thursday, April 23rd, 7pm

Mobius Hall