Celebrating Our Partnership

With Faculty & Staff During National School Counselor Week!

Day 2: More on Academic Development

Today's theme is Academic Skills and Habits. Some of the ways we look for students to demonstrate evidence of their understanding in this area include: being able to identify different studying and prep strategies, choosing strategies that are personal to them and their strengths, consideration of new ways to improve grades when things they've already tried aren't working, and being able to have constructive conversations with their teachers about classes in which they may be struggling.

Here are some of the objectives for Academic Skills & Habits in the School Counseling Program:

What does this look like?

Counselors often see students who are struggling in classes to help them identify ways to improve. Hearing from teachers about students of concern in an integral part how we identify students-at-risk. In addition to brainstorming specific strategies students can do on their own, we also encourage them to speak with their teachers directly about their classes. Open and honest dialog with their teachers can be one of the best ways for students to gain confidence and knowledge in their classes.

What is your approach to supporting students in their academic skills and habits?

We'd love to hear from you and continue to strengthen our partnership!