Stomp Out Bullying!!!!

Facts about bullying and how to deal with them.

Cyber bullying is

one of the most biggest ways of bullying in todays world because people everywhere are on there phones or tablets or computers and to be frank, not everyone is nice. Some people will make fun of others or post pictures or videos about the person just to embarrass them. But in reality this hurts both participants. Here are the reasons...


4.Since cyberbullying is worse than regular bullying since it can happen all day everyday, people do commit suicide because they believe it's the only way out or they just out right hurt themselves or other people.

Ways to Stop It!!

My way of thinking is if someone is picking on you stand up to them, they'll see that they just cant mess with you and get away with it OR tell an adult and either let them handle it or both of you go up to the guilty parties and settle things. And if they come after you do sortof what the picture below is doing, have friends with you. Not to beat them up but to get them away.
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