Chicken vs. Beef

By: Candace McGee


1. Beef is higher in calories with 219 per 100g serving, while chicken contains 165 calories per 100 g serving.
2. Beef contains more fat than chicken.

3. Beef is a superior source of potassium, with 355 mg per 100g servings compared to 256 mg per 100g of chicken.

Cooking Methods

1. be extremely carful when handling raw chicken that it does not come in contact with other foods.

2. Recipe that requires marinating, you should always do so in the refrigerator as chicken is very sensitive to heat.

3. When defrosting chicken, do so in the refrigerator and not at room temperature.

White Vs. Dark Poultry

1. Skinless white-meat chicken or turkey. its lowest in fat & calories.

2. Poultry is a generous source of some B vitamins that aren't as plentiful in beef, but it is only fair source of iron.

3. Chicken and turkey are often considered healthy, low-fat alternatives to beef.