E. coli out break

By: Joseph, Emily, Courtney, Lainey

How did they get it ?

Our group believes one of the causes is the Indian River. We have a few reasons for this. Our first reason is that the goats and cows drank out of this river. Our second reason is that Charlie fell into the river.

How E.coli spreads

Mostly, E. coli is passed when someone eats food containing the bacteria. At-risk foods include: undercooked ground beef, unwashed vegetables, and unpasteurized milk. It can also be passed from hand to hand contact, but it must get into your system.

How did they get it

They got the disease by petting or viewing the animals that have E. coli and touching contaminated items. The river also contributed.


The symptoms of E.coli depend on how sick you are with it. the most common symptoms are low fevers, nausea, vomiting, and bloody diarrhea. The more severe complications are kidney failure, and death.

It's not the food

It's not food because Allen ate all the food and didn't get sick. He may have washed his hands but you can't clean out your insides.