Texas Oil

Cooper Blake Cameron

Spindletop overview

Spindle is a salt dome oil field located in the southern area of Baeumont, Teaxs. In 1901 spindle top struck oil and sprouted out of the oil rig. The oil produced more than 10,000 gallons of oil per day. The strike at Spindletop was the turning point of Texas. The Spindletop discoverey made Texas the number one the on map. When oil struck in Texas everybody wanted to live in Texas because of the amount of oil it has now. The oil Spindletop has created allowed cars, lights and gasoline.

Spindletop was known to be dry and not have any oil on the hill. The group that went and drilled that day were called the wildcaters. They had to drill 1,200 feet to find the oil. If they did not reach oil by then they would have to go drill somewere else and start all over. Finally in 1901 oil spurted from the oil rig for 20 minutes. The discovery of oil changed the surface of Texas forever.

It changed Texas by the population. Towns by oil rigs were called boom towns. Boom towns are towns that are close to oil rigs. Also these towns have the most oil and most people than other towns around it. These towns probabley had the most advanced technology at the time like cars and the source of light. Oil allowed Texas to create 21 thousand milles of highways going through Texas. Roads allowed Texans to get around Texas faster than ridding in carriages on dirt roads or trails.

Once oil struck Texas it produced natural gas. Natural gas allowed Texans to tanspot natural gases through pipelines to fuel markets. The downside about this is that the pipelines could burst and creat a huge explosion under ground and cause major problems. The good thing about it is that it

it fuled cars or gave it gas to run. Also with natural recorces it powered many factorys and made their business boom.

Ever since Spindletop has made the millions of gallons of oil it has gave us cars, streets, natural gasses and light. If Texans did not discover oil, Texas would be so much different than it is in the modern day.

Timeline of oil events

The time line shows the dates and the events happened in Texas

Population of Texas

The graph shows the Population since oil has been discovered

Oil graph

The graph shows what everyday things we use today are made out of oil