Immigrants are the problem

Immigrants are the reason of U.S problems

Studies at the University of Houston Texas have shown that Immigrants are having a negative impact on the country's economy, politics, and culture.

Many who come to America in search for the "American Dream" are immigrants, who tend to enter the country illegally in a desperate act to run away from poverty, and in search for opportunities that were not given in their native land. Since countries such as Mexico, El Salvador, or Honduras are so close to America, many of the runaway immigrants are of Hispanic origins. Great amounts of immigrants travel for long days, or even months, depending on the distance they travel. They may come with good intentions, such as finding a job, creating their own business, or looking for a better future for their children.

But the immigrants do not realize that from the moment the soul of their shoes touches American soil, they become part of the American society and that from that moment they will influence America, they will influence the economy, the culture, the population, among other things. Immigrants bring with them their practices, their customs, language, tradition, religion, basically their entire culture. But not only they bring their culture, they also bring with them crime and danger for the U.S, they slowly begin to destroy America.

"Immigrants do not aid America in the minimum way, they only take up space." said, Andrew Garcia, reporter of "New York Times".

According to Andrew Garcia, reporter of New York Times, immigrants do not help the United States in any possible way. Garcia also said, "If it was possible to get all immigrants in a ship and send them back to their country, then we would have found the solution for our immigration problem". But of course, it's not that simple, therefore another solution must be found.

Immigrants are also a problem because they make the government spend large amounts of money on them. As said before many immigrants come from Hispanic countries, and these immigrants come in illegally to America by passing through the border without legal papers, some of them get into the country by paying coyotes money so the coyotes can bring them into the U.S. But in many cases the coyotes abandon the immigrants which are children, women, and men. And once they have reach the Mexican-American border and then the immigrants are left alone to find their way. But once the American police finds the lost immigrants, the American police has to usually provide a shelter and food to those immigrants who are children because they come from far away countries and the children immigrants, most of the time come alone without there parents. And in these cases the U.S government has to spend money on thousands of children who were sent to the U.S by their irresponsible parents who were trying to liberate their children from the crime of their country.

" The solution is not in our hands at the moment, but one day we will know exactly how to solve the problem", said Roberto Smith, governor of New York, referring to the immigration problem.