Anne Frank

written by Katrina Ustanko

Birth & Childhood

Anne was born in Frankfurt, Germany on June 12th, 1929. She was only four when Adolf Hitler took over Germany. To ensure that his Jewish family was safe from Hitler, Anne's father had the family move to Switzerland, and then Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.


Anne had a mother named Edith, a father named Otto, and a sister named Margot. Otto and Edith are almost opposites. Otto was tall and skinny, while Edith was plump. Otto was brash outgoing, while Edith was shy and quiet. The sisters got along well. Anne and Margot loved hearing their father's stories. one of them is about two sisters named Paula. One Paula was calm and respectful. The other Paula was kind of a trouble-maker that was always playing pranks. Those Paulas are a lot like Margot and Anne. Margot was kind and calm while Anne was always playing pranks.

Life in the Netherlands

The Netherlands quickly became Anne's home, as she moved there when she was four. Anne had lots of things to do there. She became a good student in school but always hated math. She joined a ping-pong club called the little bear -2. the name is inspired by the little bear constellation. however, the little bear constellation had seven stars , but the club had five members including Anne. This shows the -2 in the name. Anne, as said before, loved playing pranks. sometimes, with her friends, Anne would pour a bucket of water on the sidewalk below. Anne always wanted to be a movie star but she thought she wasn't pretty enough. Anne got a diary for her thirteenth birthday. She named the diary Kitty. Every page starter stated Dear Kitty.

Ice bucket challenge anyone? Anne is ready!

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Anne's worst nightmare came true

In 1940, Hitler and the German soldiers invaded the Netherlands. The Netherlands surrendered to the Germans. Anne and her family went into hiding for two years in a place which we call today the secret annex. after two years of hiding, people raided the annex after hearing some info. Everyone in the annex was arrested and sent to concentration camps. Anne and Margot were separated from their mother and father. Edith died in January, 1945. Anne and Margot died within weeks of each other in March, 1945. Anne died of an illness known as typhus. This was just weeks before all the Jews were free!

Anne's diary was still in the annex!

A Diary Of A Young Girl

After Anne died, a friend of the Franks found Anne's diary in the annex. She hid the diary when the Germans took what the Franks left behind in the annex. The diary was later turned into a book called A Diary Of A Young Girl (aka the secret annex). Many things happened. A play and movies were published.


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