1920's Research Project

Mrs. Sandoval Period 1 Kristofer Haney

Red Scare: The Sacco and Venzitti Case

Communism is a political theory in that leads to a society in which property is publicly owned. People were afraid of it because they weren't allowed to own land or have the right to talk and the government had all the power.

Automobile1: The Life and Times of Henry Ford

He is responsible for the mass-production and mass-consumption in America. Also revolutionized the production of the assembly line and created high wage for the workers. He encouraged the middle-classed Americans to keep their jobs.

Automobile2: The new world of Automobilty

Automobiles have changed a lot of peoples lives in many ways. it made traveling a whole quicker, it also led to the development of Gas stations, construction of roads, and also gave more job opportunities.

The Mass Media1: Radio