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The symptoms of albinism could be lack of color in skin, hair or eyes. A person with this disease could have normal skin but hair color could be lighter. Patches of dis colored skin are possible too. Albino people are sensitive to light and the sun. Eyes are usually crossed.

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Dailey life- it depends on the type of albinism that you have. Mainly sensitivity to the sun & light. Wearing sunscreen & sunglasses is critical to protecting skin & eyes.
Life expectancy- life span is usually not affected, but if a person is affected by haram sky pud lak syndrome. Bleeding disorders are present. Also bowl & lung diseases. Sunscreen is important because people with albinism are more likely to get skin cancer.


Type of mutation- The mutation is one of a few genes.
Chromosome- OCA type 1 is chromosome 11.

OCA 2 is chromosome 15

Name of gene- it has been reported that mutation has occurred in 6 genes causing the different types of albinism. The tyrosine gene (TSY) and OCAI; OCA 2 gene tyrosine had related proteins.


Possible treatments- Avoiding the sun to avoid from getting burned. To not get skin cancer people with albinism especially need to use SPF sunscreen. Sunglasses are important so albinism people don't go blind.
Possible cures- there are no cures for albinism.