Our Own People (Second Civil War)

By: Shandrell Evans

north vs. south

the country Sudan is slit in two because of the conflict they had from their past wars like the first civil war between Sudan and Great Britain. But now it Sudan fight against their self, by the southern Sudan fight against northern Sudan and Egypt, fighting Arabs.

Peace Agreement

In 2006, many but not all, of Sudan's contentious interest groups entered a peace agreement over Darfur (Sudan) calling for an international peacekeeping force to help contain the violence.

2,000 and counting

In 1990 bombings of the civilians in the southern Sudan; Only targets were villages, cattle, churches, schools, and hospitals. with the results of 11,000 killed and wounded. During the same decade, military offensives by the SPAF and the razzia(raid) of the Baggara Murahileen and the Dinka militia of Kerubino Kwanjin Bol, Who had defected from SPLA to join the gov. forces, resulted in the death of another 200,000 Dinka and Nuer in Bahr AL-Ghaza by killing and famine.
Sudan.Religion is the pivotal factor in the civil war between Sudan's North and South
South Sudan crisis documentary