Geography and Life in Latin America

Thomas Welch

Land forms-1. The Andes Mountains are in Chile, western Latin America.

2.The Brazilian highlands, region of rolling hills.

3.Atlantic lowlands a region of narrow plains.

Bodies of water- 1. The Amazon River goes all the way through the middle of Latin America from the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific ocean.

2. Parana River also starts from the Atlantic ocean but then to the south central area of Latin America.

3.The Amazon Basin is located all around the amazon river.

Climate- 1. There is the tropical rain forest climate in in the rainforests.

2. Also the tropical wetland climate in the wetlands.

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Physical Features and population

Lots of people live on the eastern part of Latin America. They live here because of the good water supply and it's an ideal place for imports and exports of goods.

The population is low over in the western part of Latin America. The Andes Mountains are in that region so it makes it hard to farm and grow crops and it is colder because people live higher up in the mountain .

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Physical features and Economic activity

There is a lot of iron found in central-east Brazil, so mining is a big economic activity in Latin America.

Argentina is big for corn, soy and grains, and dairy, so it is a big farming area in Latin America.

HEI in Latin America

H.E.I in Latin America has become a big problem. Deforestation plays a big part in this. People need room for the population growth and economic growth but there is not much left that they can legally change to make room for the growth. They are destroying the Amazon Rain forest for crops and farms. We have cut down the percent of rain forests for agriculture to only 6 percent of they Earth. 40% of the Amazon Rain Forest will be gone by the year 2050. This is why deforestation has become a big problem in Latin America.
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