Library Happenings..


Get comfy cozy and toasty! There's lots of library happenings to sign up for!

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Random but true library information and dates to remember...

PLEASE NOTE - due to Diverse-Abilities Day next Thursday/Friday the library will be closed from 9:15-2:40 both days. We are so very sorry to miss your readers.

YES! 3rd-5th you CAN send readers for new books between 8:30-9:15.

YES! K-2nd your wee readers will get new books. I'll email you our alternate schedule later this week.

Lots of things happening in the Purefoy Library in January!

1. Be on the lookout for Kids Code Club and Mother/Daughter Book Club in February!

2. For Grades 3-5, I'll be sending a separate email regarding Bluebonnet Celebration dates and a list of students that have earned an invitation.

3. Please remind parents and students that Six Flags reading logs are due February 19!! Please keep the logs in a safe spot until this date. I'll send information for turning them into me after the 19th.

4. Did you know that students in grades 3-5 had the opportunity to sign up for Book Club? It's true! Students who participate get to eat lunch in the library and discuss their book club selection. Super fun! I'll place reminder notes in your boxes to give to students on the weeks we meet.

5. It hasn't really worked out at all for me to come to your planning sessions with Liz. So, if each team is amiable, I could start coming to your Tuesday afternoon planning sessions on a rotating basis beginning February 2nd. I'll be a silent participant!

THANKS for reading about our Purefoy Library Happenings!

PLEASE let us know how we can help you!