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Kalan Hoskins ~ Grades 1 and 3 ~ MAY/JUNE 2015

Guidance Updates


1st Grade

In May we will wrap up our Second Step lessons for the year. In March, we introduced the Problem Solving model:

S: Say the problem (without blame)

T: Think of solutions (that are safe and respectful)

E: Explore consequences (what could happen if...)

P: Pick the best solution (make your plan)

In May, we will apply these skills by learning about making and keeping friends by:

* Learning the three Fair Ways to Play: sharing, trading, and taking turns

* Learning how to invite others to play

Auto B Good ~ Character Education

Welcome to the Tullahoma Superspeedway! The Auto-B-Good series presents character traits that will captivate, entertain and educate students. This month's lesson is on TRUTHFULNESS and is called "Slippery Slope." "Slippery Slope" is the story of Maria "saving" EJ and Izzi from a landslide. The problem was, Maria caused the landslide. When all the cars treated Maria like a hero and awarded her a trip to the National 4X4 Championships, she found out how hard it can be, at times, to be truthful. If she said nothing she would get to do something she always dreamed of doing. If she told the truth she would lose that prize and she might lose the respect of her friends. The lesson was: Be accurate in everything you say...deception is a slippery slope. For more info about this series, check out their website at

3rd Grade

In May, 3rd graders will be learning test taking skills in guidance. (Please note that some classes had the test taking skills lesson in April and some classes will have their career lesson in May.) Students will create a foldable on test taking skills and learn 10 Tips New Test Takers Should Know:
1. Be Prepared
2. Reframe Your Thinking
3. Stop, Look, Listen
4. No Fear
5. Plug it in
6. Jail the Detail
7. Stash the Trash
8. Zap the Maps
9. Pace Yourself
10. Check it out

We will also talk about test anxiety and use the Go Noodle website to relax with Maximo!

May/June Classroom Guidance Schedule

Almond: June 5

Cox: May 20

Falkner: May 1

Klager: May 11

Landis: May 22

Norman: May 6

Randle: May 8

Coleman: May 8

Garrison: May 22

Levinson: May 15

Pleasants: May 29

Polleck: May 1

Rose: May 11

Weber: May 27

Books on Integrity

* The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Aesop
* Truthful Harp, Lloyd Alexander
* Nothing But the Truth: A Documentary Novel, Avi
* On My Honor, Marion Dane Bauer
* The True Francine, Marc Brown
* A Day's Work, Eve Bunting
* The Principal's New Clothes, Stephanie Calmenson
* Molly's Lies, Kay Chorao
* The Secret Box, Joanna Cole
* Tell Me No Lies, H.C. Coleman
* Pinnocchio, Carlo Collodi
* The Empty Pot, Demi
* A Bargain for Frances, Russell Hoban
* Honestly, Myron, Dean Hughes
* A Big Fat Enormous Lie, Marjorie Weinman Sharmat


Parent Academy:

To promote continued cooperation between families and schools, WCPSS offers Parent Academy – a series of classes, workshops and events aimed at helping families learn to engage with the school system and positively contribute to their child’s academic and social success. Families who attend Parent Academy will gain invaluable knowledge – from preparing their kindergartener for the first day of school to choosing the right courses for their college-bound high school student. Classes are offered in English and Spanish. All events are free and open to the public. Registration is required. Childcare is available.

May Parent Academy

* Preparing Your Students for End of Grade (EOG) Tests

* Identify and Protect Your Child Against Bullying in School

* What Parents Can Do to Support Academic Growth Over the Summer

* Transitioning from Elementary to Middle School

* Knowing the Legal Rights of Parents and Students in the Educational System

* Mental Health 101

Ways to Register:

1. 919-858-1735



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Your Counselor

Hi! My name is Kalan Hoskins and I am very excited to be part of a school that teaches and internalizes Covey’s 7 Habits and recognizes that all students are leaders. I graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and a Master’s Degree in Counseling. I am also a National Certified Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor. I began my counseling career in a non-profit agency in 1999 and started working as a school counselor in 2001. I will be working part-time with Mrs. Trueman on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. When I am not at Combs, I enjoy spending time with my family, especially my three sweet children!

Kalan Hoskins, 50% Counselor, Grades 1 & 3

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