Reel History End of Course Final

By: Dhruv Patel

Favorite Film

My favorite film this semester was Patroit because it gave a good overview of the tactics used during the American Revolutionary War. It wasn't very accurate on some things like how the rifles were not accurate in the real war but it was and amazing movie that told a great story on the American Reveloution, but I feel they demonized the british to much. The storyline in the end was a great tear jerker for me.

The Film that Gave the Biggest Impression

The Film that gave me the biggest impression was the Cinderella Man beacuse it was about a guy who wanted nothing but to provide for his family during the great impression and went to great lenghts to dothat, no matter what happened to him or if he died. This gave me the impression that you just keeping on going even if you fall down, but keep on fighting you can accomplish anything and win.

Least Favorite Film

My least favorite film was The New World because the whole movie was chaotic and out of order. It gave me the feeling that it was slow and it made me fall asleep. The only two films that made me fall asleep int his class was Gods and Generals and this movie. It was incredibly boring and was chaos

Most Interesting and Least Interesting

The Least interesting part of this class was the civil war beacuse those films were all boring foe me and it made me want to fall asleep. The most interesting part of the class was world war one and two beacuse there was more action in those and it had some comic relief in them that eased all the seriousness but made them still interesting to watch.

How has the events from 1600-1945 helped shape the U.S

In many of the movies we saw the U.S in a confilct in one way or another that they had to overcome. It also showed how the country came out of its troubles and how it learned from them and never made the same mistake again.

My View of the U.S

After watchin these films it made me relise that the U.S has had a bloody history. For those who shaped the U.S to what it is now they had to go through tough times to help this country for the better or worse. Those people probably had to pay a price for it like Abarham Lincoln with his life, but if those people didn't do what they did we probably woudn't be here to the america we know today.