The Whitney Reporter

Mr. Stacho's Newsletter - September 16, 2016

A message from our guidance counselor, Mr. Schibley

Dear Family Members,

This week the fifth grade students started the Second Step lessons. This week’s lesson was about assertive communication skills. If you are interested in a learning more and reinforcing these concepts, please visit the elementary school counselor website on the Surrarrer or Whitney Elementary website. You will find the information under the For Families tab. Click on the Guidance link within the tab to access the Second Step Home Links on the counselors’ website. The lesson for this week was lesson 3. If you have further questions, please contact me at 268-5971.


Mr. Schibley

Reminder about writing checks.

Just a friendly reminder that when writing checks for school for any purpose (lunch, fundraiser, fees, etc.), please be sure to make them out to Strongsville City Schools (not Whitney Elementary School). Thanks for your attention to this matter.

A Message From Our District Nurse . . .

Immunization Requirements for the Upcoming School Year:
Please check your student’s immunization requirements for returning to school. If your student is missing immunizations or if you have not provided proof that your student has been immunized, please contact the office of our district nurse at 440.846.4137.

IMPORTANT: All immunization documentation or exemption forms must be provided no later than September 14, 2016 to avoid exclusion from school.
Section 3313.671 Ohio Revised Code: No pupil, at the time of initial entry or at the beginning of each school year, shall be permitted to remain in school for more than fourteen (14) days unless the pupil presents written evidence that the pupil has been immunized or is in the process of being immunized.