A Wrinkle in Time

L'engle, Madeleine

Shannon Adams



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Meg, a mousy brown haired girl, hates herself for being different, she thinks of it as a curse! She is a quarky high school girl, with braces and glasses, she isn't popular either. People consider her a "trouble-maker" and a "nobody". Meg falls for Calvin O'Keefe, during her journey through the galaxy. Meg is truly brilliant, but her major flaw is that she doesn't put her strengths to use.

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Charles Wallace

Charles Wallace is Megs brother, and is also an un-popular "nobody". Society mistakes his mental capacity as stupidity, and he never quite fits in. Charles Wallace is only about five when he goes on the journey with Meg. He has the power of mind reading, and with that power, he understands people better.
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IT is a bodiless, telepathic brain, and is the controller of Camazotz. IT speaks through the man with the red eyes, and later through Charles Wallace. IT is slightly larger than a human brain, and makes its base near CENTRAL central intelligence, in Camazotz. IT became known as "the happiest sadist".
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Calvin O'Keefe

Calvin is a tall basketball player, with red hair, blue eyes, and freckles. Calvin is more popular and is a couple grades ahead of Meg. Calvin falls for Meg, as Meg falls for Calvin. Although Calvin is 14, he is in 11th grade, as a gifted student. His family neglects him, but the Murry's act as his family
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The setting in A Wrinkle in Time, takes place at The Murry's home, and the planet Camazotz. The Murry house is deep in the woods, and seems as if it were in the middle of nowhere. Camazotz is a distant planet controlled by IT, the residents of Camazotz have no freedom.
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A Wrinkle in Time starts out in a normal house with supposedly normal people. That all changed the night when a large hurricane hit, as if it were planned to change peoples lives. Meg, a troublesome girl, was chosen by three witch-like characters, along with Charles Wallace, Meg's younger brother and Calvin, a soon to be friend. Their mission, destroy IT, and to save Meg's father, along with the universe. The three witch like people, or creatures, Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Which and Mrs. Who, send Meg, Charles Wallace and Calvin into a planet by the name of Camazotz, that is the home of IT. Completely taken over by IT, the trio adventure to find a man with red eyes, who takes control of young Charles Wallace. Along with Calvin and the fake Charles they look for Meg's father and succeed. They did get out of Camazotz without Charles Wallace unfortunately and Meg was injured from their tesser, a massive distance covered in a matter of seconds. They over shot and landed on a different planet, fortunately these creatures were kind, they took care of their visitors. After being recovered, and after Mrs. Whatsit, Who and Which, showed up Meg had to embark on another journey to save Charles Wallace alone. The three Mrs.' couldn't give Meg much but it was enough. Meg was told she had something IT didn't, unfortunately she had to find this on her own. Back to mind control Camazotz Meg had to go to the very center of it, where IT's massive brain laid to find Charles Wallace. One thing IT didn't have, Meg pondered, soon to find that IT didn't have love. Through Meg's love for Charles Wallace, she was able to bring him back from IT's clutches. The family, and Calvin, reunited on Earth safe and sound forever from IT.

Info About The Newbery

The Newbery medallion was designed by Rene Paul Chambellan in 1921. It is awarded from the American Library Association for the most distinquished children's book published the year before. The Children's Librarian's section is responsible for selecting the winners and the medal still reads their name. Fredrick G. Melcher proposed the Newbery to the American Library Association on June 22nd, 1921. He suggested it be named after John Newbery, an eighteenth century english book seller. A Wrinkle in Time had to meet the Newbery criteria, which is annually awarded to the author of the most distinquished contribution to American literature for children. It must be published by American authors in the United States in english. The only limitation for the Newbery Award is that it has to be original work. The Newbery's genre has to be children's literature, but any type of novel. Every year since the start in 1922, very lucky writers have earned the Newbery. The Newbery started as the first children's book award in the world. The bronze medallion has the winners name engraved on the back. Along with the bronze medal there is an honor medal, made in silver. Authors of today must meet the criteria, and turn in their books for a chance to win.

Madeliene L'engle

Madeliene L'engle, a Newbery medalist, won her medal in 1963. Born in November 29, 1918, Madeliene spent most of her life in New York. She enjoyed writing more than schoolwork which reflected on her grades. When she was twelve her family moved to the French Alps, and she went to study at an english boarding school. She flourished during her highschool career, and her passion for writing grew along with her academic skills. Madeliene went to Smith College and studied english, along with her own creative writing. She graduated with high honors and moved to an apartment in New York. She published her first two novels during the next couple years. She met her future husband, Hugh Franklin, after publishing her first book. After marriage, Madeliene had a baby girl and kept writing. She eventually moved to Conneticut to raise her family. The happy family moved back to the city with three children. Hugh eventually died in 1986 and her writing kept Madeliene moving. Out of all of her years, Madeliene wrote over sixty books. She died peacefully in 2007 being eighty-nine years old.

My thoughts

I truly liked "A Wrinkle in Time" because it was right up my alley. It was adventurous, different, and new. A Wrinkle in Time was in a science fiction setting, which is one of my favorites and I would recommend this book to others, when they had the chance. It is an easy read and is good for when you have nothing to do and you are bored. To write an award winning book, you need to have great imagination and fit the criteria. Madeliene L'engle meets all of the expectations for a Newbery awarded book. She not only met the criteria, but she made a fantastic story line. A Wrinkle in Time will impress most people. It is a well written book.