The Jackson Events

by Rahlee Smith

"Trail of Tears"

When the "trail of tears" started almost half of the Cherokee Indians died from starvation or dehydration,while walking from Georgia to Oklahoma.the Indians had no food,water,or supplies to keep them alive.but when the Cherokee Indians made it to Oklahoma they started to recolonize there.and make homes and everything they needed.

dear Andrew Jackson

Thank you for my job in the government i cant wait to work for you you'll have my vote every time,i'm not that good at what you gave me,but i can learn.i love that you made the spoils system so that i could have this job and work for the best president ever.

From a factory worker

"spoils system"

The spoils system was a horrible event that took place during jacksons presidency,the spoils system made many people in the government lose their jobs so the the people that voted foe Jackson would get their jobs as a reward for voting.