Honolulu hawaii

Kylee's dream vacation

Honolulu Hawaii

what is your dream vacation ? my dream vacation is to honolulu hawaii

where is your destination located? on an island called oahu

what makes your destination so great? the people that go with me and there are lots of activities to do there

10 facts

at the shedd aquarium you will see 32,000 fish

daniel inouey is the senator

honolulu is the capital of hawaii

as early as 1814 russia tried to move in

the honolulu area was bombed by japan

honolulu's early history was in a lot of conflict

honolulu is the largest city in hawaii

"Remeber pearl harbor" is a famous slogan in honolulu

1,100 people died in the pearl harbor bombing

captian james cook explored hawaii


how long will it take me to get there? 8hr and 20 min

how far away is it? 3,880

who will you take with you? Bethany,Elijah

how will you get there : plane

how long will you stay:10 days


when I go I will stay at the Hawaii prince hotel Waikiki

my hotel has a nice view and you can go to a spa

I will need to pack a lot of clothes and my phone and my phone charger


how much dose my trip cost: 4,677

lodging:3,191(hotel for 10or 11 nights)

spending money: About 200 dollars (total cost 4,677)

food:100 dollars

travel: 1,486


Gas: none (flying)