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Calling all apps . . .

1. Name:

Tom Fliger / Beemolo LC

2. Contact information:



3. Name of app:

Beemolo Directory App

4. Link to app in online marketplace:

Google Play - http://bit.ly/N11bZZ

iTunes - http://bit.ly/OJjUvR

5. Short description of app:

Mobile Directory App for Lawrence KS, Douglas County, Southern Leavenworth County, including Basehor and Tonganoxie.

Data base includes listing information for: Businesses, Organizations, University of Kansas, Baker University, Haskell Indian Nations University, School Districts, City Contacts, County Contacts, Churches and more. More than 10,000 listings. Listings are managed and cleaned for accuracy. Includes a growing roster of businesses that are enriching their content with social links (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc), interactive maps, mobile display advertising, mobile coupons and more.

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6. Full name of app development company and website:

Beemolo LC


facebook: http://on.fb.me/YAlNOz

twitter: https://twitter.com/Beemolo

pinterest: http://pinterest.com/beemolo1/

7. Address of app developer:

Tom Fliger - PO Box 142 - Basehor - KS - 66007

tom.fliger@beemolo.com . . . . . . . 913.206.1127

8. Point of contact for app developer: see #7

9. How is this app different from competitors?

Local Accuracy & Discovery is Broken!

Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) information, for businesses and organizations, is still the most critical search data sought by consumers. The bottom line expectation of users is to be presented with complete and thorough listing information at any time they make a request.

However, problems with listing information is as deep as it is wide. The information presented to searchers is dirty, incomplete and far too many times...inaccurate. Some of the primary issues:

a. Businesses are not in control of their location information online.

b. Business listings lack rich, pertinent details.

c. There is little to no innovation in formats or structure for local information.

d. Publishers can't acquire the correct information they need.

e. Businesses that want to take control of their information must navigate dozens of fragmented publishers.

We believe searchers and seekers desire a simple, fast, accurate and complete data base of the information they're looking for. The impact of bad information is invisible to almost everyone in the ecosystem except the consumers. We can imagine the potential of structured and accurate information. Everyone wins!

10. What is the app's coolest feature?

(you decide)

Beemolo User Video HD

11. When did it launch?

Houston, we have lift off.......August 2012

I am unsure, based on the KCBJ release, that our app qualifies. I would contribute that we are a KC app developer, a portion of our target market is southern Leavenworth County and finally, KC is populated with a significant number of residents that attended KU. Many KC citizens travel to Lawrence for day trips, shopping, KU sporting events and on and on. One can surmise that Kansas Citians will benefit from the Beemolo Directory App. I hope that this supplement may assist in your decision. Thank you.