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A slow-moving investigation into the killing, hampered by troubled cooperation between the Italian and Egyptian police, has prompted Italian accusations of an Egyptian cover-up.

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Egypt is the most populated country in the Middle East, with a population of 90million people. Saudi King sets aside frustrations with Egypt for state visit. Egypt's population is to reach 91 million in June. What will happen to the population by year 2020?

Bad news in Egypt

Shocking moment crowd of people are engulfed in falmes after crashed fuel tanker erupts in a fireball as they try to steal fuel from it in Egypt. In Egypt, dye workshop fight to survive.

Egypt to establish its 1st crocodile lake/farm in Aswan. Do you think this farm will help Egypt?

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4 soldiers killed in terror strike in Egypt's Sinai. Saudi Arabia and Egypt announce Res Sea bridge. US considering moving Sinai troops?

Student killed in Egypt

Egypt's delegation presents 2000 page report in murder case. Italy warns Egypt it expects truth about death of student. Egypt denies FM claim Regeni had engaged in S + M .

Is Islamic Republic behind this?


Al-Qaeda militants kill 20 soldiers in Yemen. IS used mustard gas on Syrian troops. Weapons seized from Iran bound for Houthis.