The Em spectrum

By: Christopher Brock

Radio wave

The frequency is 10^4-10^12

It has the lowest energy. it has the longest wavelength.

It helps us listen to the radio in the car and lets us use radar

It effects our heath over time if you have it above your house

It can effect our life by if we get to much exposure it can give us luekiema Heinrich hertz

Heinrich hertz discovered radio waves


The frequency is 10^8-10^12

It has the second lowest frequency , and has the second longest wavelength.

We use it to heat up food in our microwave, And lets us turn on a TV

A danger is it can cloud your eye liens

It effects our life by it we did not have micro waves than we could not warm up food,

James Clark Maxwell discovered micro waves.

Infrared waves

The frequency is 10^12-10^15

It has the third longest wavelength. and the third lowest energy.

When fast food places put your food under the lights it heats up that food that is under it. It can keep a animal warm when it is under a lamp.

It can damage your retina.

it allows us to turn us to turn TV's on at short distances

Frederick William Herschel discovered the infrared

Visible light

The frequency is 10^14-10^15

it has a the fourth lowest energy out of the seven. It has the fourth longest wavelength out of the seven.

The lasers in DVD players use it. It helps us see color. Printers use a laser to print things

to much exposure to light can damage you retina

It helps us see color.

Ultra Violet

The frequency is 10^15-10^18

It has the fifth highest energy out of the seven. It has the third highest wavelength

It can help us tan. It can help us see stuff that you normally cant see

It can cause skin cancer

It effects our life because if we did not have ultra violet waves then we would have no sun light

Johann Ritter discovered ultra violet.


The frequency is 10^16-10^21

It has the second highest wavelength and the second highest energy out of the seven

It helps us see if we have a broken bone some were. At the air port they see in your bag

It can cause cancer

it help me see if I have a broken bone

Wilhelm Roentgen discovered xrays.

Gamma rays

The frequency is 10^19-10^25

it has the highest energy in the em spectrum. It has the shortest wavelength in the spectrum.

some uses are it sterilizes medical equipment. it is used in the medial field.

It can kill you is exposed to enough of it.

it effects my life by making me sick if i exposed to it.

Paul Villard discovered gamma rays

Em spectrum

IT is used for showing the wavelength and frequency and energy in a wave. As you move left on the spectrum the wavelength gets shorter. As you move left the energy of the wave increases. As you move left on the spectrum the frequency increases.