Child Versus Adult Brain

By: Emmie Vassey


There are two different life stages that your brain will be different, within. The child brain and adults brains are opposites. Adult brains make decisions and act more mature than children. Think of the child brain as a entertainment system that has not been setup yet. So there is loose wires so that the speaker is not working with the DVD player. Children under 12 do not integrate information to understand the worlds adults do.

World as Children see it

Children see the world differently then adults do. This does not apply to combing different senses , such as vision and sound, but also the different information the brain receives when looking at a scene with one eyed compared to the other (science daily 1). Just watching kids play outside you can tell they don't act like adults. The Stanford school of medicines scanned 23 children brains, ages seven to nine year olds as they rested. Then they scanned 23 brains on age groups of 19-22. "So one surprising finding in the study was that overall basics architecture in terms of overall wiring was very similar in seven to nine year old s as it is in 19-22 year olds, But the way that each of sub networks communicated with each other is really quite different" said Menon with Stanford (AbcGo 1).
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Tasks performances

Children activate different and more regions of their brain when they perform task. Researches say those changes in regional brain activity from childhood to adulthood may reflect the more powerful use of our brains as we grow up. Children and adults were compared according to performance level, defined by the number of correct answers and the time it took to complete a word task. Compared to adults, children tended to complete the word task, activating more regions toward the back of the brain. At the same time, children showed less activation in some regions at the front of the brain that have been commonly seen in adult studies of word processing. (Brain Works 1)


The brain after birth continues to develop for several years ( Sheehan, Krista 1). Although individuals develop at different rates. A 12 year old brain may be fully developed, and a 15 year old may not. It depends on the child's or adults "knowledge" or their maturity.


In summary, the brain of a child's does not work in the same way an adults would. Three things to remember are that, children see the world differently, they perform task differently, and it takes time for the brain to develop.

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