Working Bikes

Founded by Lee Ravenscroft


Working Bikes is an organization that takes old bikes and gives them a new home. Lee Ravenscroft founded this company in 1998 and is located in Chicago, Illinois. Working bikes takes old, used up bikes, fixes them up, and then sends them to 3rd world countries for new use.

Lee Ravenscroft founded the organization because biking is a very environmentally friendly activity to do, and by taking old worn out bikes and giving them to people who might not be able to normally afford it, could get a bike and use it to help transport material or just for fun!

Sara Blakely, the founder of SPanx, and Lee Ravencroft, the founder of Working Bikes share a lot in common. Both Lee Rovenscroft and Sara Blakely are entrepreneurs took an old product and revolutionized them into new and better products. They are also very different, Sara Blakely made a completely new product not using any left over materials, unlike how Lee Ravenscroft took an old product and added new parts.