8 Hours Sleep

How To Get Your 8 Hours Sleep

How Many Hours Sleep Do You Get?

Did you know that it is not healthy for ANYONE to have less than 8 hours sleep. If you dont have 8 hours sleep it could effect your work you attitude and your effect on other people.
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Ideas to help you get your 8 hours sleep.....

If you cant get to sleep:

1) listen to music

2) read

3) write/draw in a note book

If you wake up in the middle of the night:

1) because your worried you can write your worrys down in a notebook

2) because of a pet you could move the pet out of you room

3) you genrally wake up think of something you would like to dream about

If you wake up early in the morning:

1) make sure your curtains are closed so the sun dosent wake you up

2) because of kids you could wear earplugs

3) because of nextdoor nieghbours or house mates you could ask them to keep it down