It's Time for Holiday Joy!

Ah, the holidays. For some, it's the most wonderful time of the year. For others, it can be difficult. Either way, you can use your essential oils to help support you during this the holidays (whether you're the super-chef/decorator/gift wrapping extraordinaire or if you're just trying to make it through December). Our aromatherapy (mood) oils are available for single purchase now, and I highly recommend them for mood support. I am ordering my second bottle of my personal aromatherapy favorite, Peace, this month. Also available singly are the Touch oils (which are already diluted with fractionated coconut oil). And, let's just be honest. Free Frankincense with a 200 PV purchase? You may as well 1) give some doTERRA love this holiday season, 2) stock up on some of your favorites and new products, or 3) all of the above! You do not have to be a Loyalty Rewards participant to take advantage of the Frank, but if you would like to set up your LRP I will be glad to help you. I'm always a text, call, or email away. Program me in your phone if you haven't already! (276) 492-1131.

And, let's get you ready for the winter! Local folks, Spring Esteppe is teaching Winter Wellness at the Holiday Inn at exit 7 at 6:30 on December 8th. Here is the link to get registered: Also, I will be at the Last Minute Christmas Vendorland Shopping Event next Saturday from 10-3 at the Hilton Garden Inn off exit 7. I hope to have body butter made from our oils, as well as some diffusers available for purchase. Drop in and say hi! A TON of vendors and many cash and carry items will be available.
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Want to Share or Build?

I am now implementing a new program and encourage my sharers (friends who want their oils paid for) and builders (those who would like to earn some residual income) to join me in the training. I have done a lot of studying and research, and continue to do so. But that doesn't mean you have to do what I do to successfully teach classes and share oils. You can share simply by talking with your friends and family (and perfect strangers, for that matter). And, if you do the Edge Success training, you will be fully prepared to teach classes as well. It's as easy as reading from the handout and sharing some of your personal stories. You don't have to know everything about your oils! If you have been thinking about sharing or building, please let me know and I will help you! And, if you are just interested in holding a class, contact me or whoever enrolled you as well. There's a free diffuser in it for anyone who holds a class with more than 5 people new to doTERRA!