Today in AIM

5th grade rocks!

What did we do today?

What did we do today? I'm glad you asked. We began class with a fun communication team builder in which partners had to give each other step by step instructions about how to draw a mystery picture from the board while one of the partners could not see. While the challenge was meant to be silly, it was amazing to see their communication skills get better and better until they became quite good at it.

Afterwards, we transitioned into well-known inventors that created so many awesome things during the Civil War period. We discussed the importance of not only being able to invent and use our creative minds, but how the need to be able to communicate and to sell others on the product is equally as important.

After presenting the projects created last week, each student had the opportunity to create a "smore" newsletter about their specific inventor. Those turned out great! We then ended class by performing plays about inventors during the Civil War period.

It was a productive, great day! I hope yours was as well.