Advice from the Big Dawgs!

UGA Virtual Networking Hour | September 30th, 12-1 PM

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Level Up: Raise your game by getting "Advice from the Big Dawgs"

Participate in the first student-alumni UGA Virtual Networking Hour on Wednesday, September 30 from 12:00-1:00 pm. Via desktop or mobile device (no app necessary!), you can participate in up to one hour of 10-minute, one-on-one, text-based chats with fellow participants.

Join in from campus, home, or even a coffee shop. After each event, participants can access the transcript of their conversations so they can follow up with the individuals they got to know during the event.

This will be an opportunity for you to make meaningful connections with UGA alumni.

Connect with alumni in the following industries:
  • Arts, Media, and Communications
  • Business and Economics
  • Education, Training, and Social Services
  • Health Sciences, Nursing, Medicine, and Public Health
  • Public Policy, Government, Law, and International Development and Affairs
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics


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Step 2: Log in on Wednesday, Sept. 30th at 12pm, and enter the event lobby.

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Step 3: Enter a BOOTH that interests you. You can enter MORE than one booth at a time.

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Step 4: Set your status to "available" to begin chatting with an alumni.

You can repeat this process in any of the booths that interest you to be placed “in line” for other chats to begin.

Step 5: Introduce Yourself and have questions prepared!

Remember that you only have 10 minutes to chat with each alumni. You can choose to end the conversation at any point, but try to be polite in exiting the conversation.

Questions to consider:
  • What did you study at UGA?
  • What do you do professionally?
  • What is your favorite and least favorite aspect of your job?
  • Why did you decide to participate in this event?
  • Can I ask for your advice on ____?
  • If you could do one thing differently in your career, what would it be?

Step 6: Make sure to rate your connection, write notes, and follow up!

At the end of each chat, you will have the opportunity to rate your connection and write additional notes on your conversation so that you can remember how to follow up with that alumni professional.
You can also review your conversation with that individual through the HISTORY tab on your UGA Virtual Networking Hour account.
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Step 7: Click “Continue with the Event”, and your status will remain “Available” to begin your next chat!

You can have up to 6 conversations with alumni over the 60-minute period, assuming that each conversation takes 10 minutes.

“It was a great way to get connected to alumni and students both in and out of your field. It was fast paced and the hour went by in a flash. I'd definitely do it again!”

“This is a really great idea to connect people from all over! I love how accessible it is, that you can participate from anywhere, and it's not necessary to spend extra time on physical travel etc. Physically meeting someone is always preferable, but not always possible.

"During this event I talked with people I never would have met otherwise. Thanks for organizing it.”

“Getting to meet so many Bulldogs so quickly!”

“I wish UGA would do these every month! It's a great way to meet other UGA alumni and connect with them!”


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