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TCS Partnership

The partnership with Tata Consultancy Services is up and running and May is the month to make this happen! TCS themselves will travel through Sweden and visit Linköping, Jönköping and Umeå to do promotion together with you guys. But remember that even if TCS is not coming to your LC you still have great opportunities to do online promotion to reach out to potential candidates.

TCS offers 8 - 12 students the chance of a lifetime to work with one of the biggest global brands. The intern will spend the first month in in the center for noridc customers for training and after this move to one of the big cities in India where they will work in a delivery center.

Don't let your IT students miss this amazing opportunity!

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We hope that all of you had an unforgettable experience and have landed safely back in your LCs. There is one more month to make all those amazing ideas happen and make the last push to close the term knowing that you made an impact.

To refresh your memory you can find all the materials and outputs from IMPACT 2015 as well as the other conferences below.

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I am terrified of roller-coasters, they launch incredibly fast and reach high altitudes with an uncertain destination.

First of all I would like to thank all the amazing delegates who were at IMPACT 2015. Thank you all for smiling, being happy throughout the conference, and making the OC-experience a blast. Organizing a conference is a lot of hard work and a few sleepless nights, however when you see all the delegates arrive and enjoying the conference it is a reward unlike many. Much like a roller-coaster it has a few ups and downs. When you one evening look at the 157th prospective venue and realize that it can only accommodate 60 people, or when you get an e-mail from your BoA confirming sponsorships for the conference #westillhavecakesleft. I personally remember the day the subscription was opened. Was anyone going to sign-up? I updated Podio on my phone almost every 5 minutes for the entire weekend. We closed the same round of subscriptions with 86 people signed up! Amazing!

Being the OCP, and in the OC in general is extremely rewarding yet intense. It shows you how much you are capable of doing and afterwards it is a concrete accomplishment. However, sometimes the roller-coaster comes to a halt as you negotiate between different stakeholders and do expectation setting. Perhaps the journey truly is the destination?

Organizing IMPACT 2015 was an incredible experience and had been impossible without a number of people. I would like to extend a big thank you to my EB and BoA for all the mental support, feedback and functional help. To the FACIs for delivering their sessions, inspiring all the delegates and giving them the tools to make #gen2015 happen. Finally to the entire OC-team; Susanna, Lilian, Ray, Yi, Andrea and Panu. You guys are amazing and deserve all the credit for all your efforts and hard-work.

When the roller-coaster comes to an end you realize how alive and present the entire experience made you feel. You were in the moment and now you are thrilled to go on the next ride. I wish I liked roller-coasters as much as I enjoyed being your OCP. Thank you!

Gratefully and AIESECly yours,

Christian Widell OCP, IMPACT 2015

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Have you heard about the Butteryfly Impact? AIESEC in Umeå have recently launched their movement Butterfly Impact which enables every individual to make their own impact on somebody through spreading kindness. To be a part of the Butterfly Impact you only have to:

  1. Make origami butterfly.
  2. Take a picture of butterfly and your act.
  3. Proceed with act of kindness.
  4. Share picture on social media.
  5. Nominate 3 of your friends.
  6. Enjoy your impact!

(For more detailed information of how to do it, visit their homepage through the link below)

AIESEC in Sweden encourage all of you to join the movement today and start spreading the Butterfly Impact!

Your small act of kindness can create a world of difference.

Butterfly Impact - Homepage

Find out how you can make an impact.

Butterfly Impact - Facebook Page

Like their facebook page and make your impact.

Universal Avenue

Our new partnership with Universal Avenue was launched during IMPACT and all AIESECers has the great opportunity to become a brand ambassador! Being a brand ambassador means that you will go on missions and at the same time get a chance to earn some money.

Watch the video below to find out more about Universal Avenue and how their idea works and click on the link to become a brand ambassador yourself.

Universal Avenue

Click here to become a brand ambassador

This is how it works:

  • Missions are simply a series of 6-8 market research questions that you can ask any venue, such as a restaurant, bar or store.
  • Each mission will only take a minute and earn you $10.
  • You will be given 5 missions to complete (that's €50).

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What are you doing this summer?

No plans for the summer yet? You still have the chance to have one of your most memorable experiences discovering new cultures and creating an impact!

Our opportunities are not only for the students in our universities, it is also for YOU. Participating in the Global Citizen program, you get a chance to discover a country through the eyes of a citizen, you will not only learn about the country but also about yourself and develop personal skills and you get a chance to work together with volunteers from all over the world. Go to Opportunity Portal to find a project you are passionate about and make your impact this summer!

Don't forget that if you have had an leadership experience in AIESEC (VP, TL) you will get 2500 SEK in discount for Global Citizen and 4000 SEK in discount for Global Talent, and as LCP you get a full discount of 100%.

For more information about opportunities contact your local VPOGX.

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MC 15/16

The MC team for 15/16 has been completed and after a long selection process our new MCVPOGX was decided to be Dean Ivančević! He made his first appearance here in Sweden during the IMPACT conference as a faci and in less than one month he and the other MCVPs will land in Stockholm.
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Monthly Quiz


Q1. What is the vision of AIESEC?

Q2. What are the four ELD programs?

The answers to the March edition are:
Q1. PAI stands for President of AIESEC International.

Q2. The current PAI is Vinicius Tsugue and the PAI elect is Ana Saldarriaga who also was the lovely chair during Asbrú.

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