Making sense of what we see, hear and read


We are going to work through a series of activities on Inferencing. In groups of 4 or 5 you will visit the different centers to complete an inferencing task. When completing the follow-up responses, ensure that you include all your group member's names!

Activity 1: Reading between the lines with Comic Strips

Comics often have very little dialogue and require us to examine the photographs and pay attention to the words used to fund them funny.

Search for a comic by Jim Davis, Bill Watterson or Gary Larson

Post it to the Google Document here and explain why it is funny

Activity 3: Write a Story

Choose an image below and write a one paragraph story about what happened before or after this "photo" was taken

Activity 4: Mirror

Read the Story Mirror Mirror.

Go to padlet with this link and tell us what you learned from the story

Activity 5: Following the clues to solve the crimes

Activity 6: Viewing

View this famous Norman Rockwell photo.

Decide as a group what you think is happening in this photo

Go to linoit, to write your answer and support it using details from the image

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