Adversities Can't Stop Success

Katie Bien

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Perseverance can be defined as the ability to power through an adversity. The purpose of this newsletter is to show how different people have adversities but push through and persevere ultimately succeeding.

Compare and Contrast

In the stories "The Noble Experiment " and "Eleanor Roosevelt" it shows how two different people can both have adversities and persevere through them in same and different ways.

In the story "The Noble Experiment" by Alfred Duckett told by Jackie Robinson it shows how he had a strong adversity because people didn't want him to play on any professional baseball team just because of his skin color. He didn't let that stop him as he was determined to not let them tell him he can't play baseball just because of his skin color.

In the story "Eleanor Roosevelt" by William Jay Jacobs it shows how she also had a strong adversity because people called her ugly, her parent died when she was at young age, and her husband the president died of polio. She was also determined to keep going and become successful no matter what people thought of her, and how difficult a challenge she tried to help fix it.

This shows how two people can have a huge adversity and be determined to and not yield to the challenge, by persevering and becoming successful.

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In the story "The Boy in The Striped Pajamas" by John Boyne, the cause of the adversity was represented by the fence. It kept the main character, Bruno, from getting to his friend, Shumel, even when his friend needed him. It was a separator because of cultural backgrounds when separation was not wanted by the boys. As with any adversity, when faced with it, people will do things to overcome that adversity, sometimes breaking rules and adhering to your plan in the process no matter how bad or dangerous. An example is when Bruno sneaks out of his house to get to and talk with his friend who he has been forbidden to see.

Problem and Solution

In the story “Sweet Smell of Success” it shows how one person can have a grand adversity and persevere to finally triumph. In the text it shows how the main character John tried to sell nuts but had no luck. He was beginning to have financial problems. No one would even try his nuts or worse even let him into Universal park. As it states in the text, he never gave up - “John called everyday for a month.”(24/7) He was determined to get people to accept him and more importantly for people to try his nuts. Finally after calling everyday for a month straight and sending samples, they finally agreed to let him into the park. Once they let him sell his nuts he became very successful. As you can tell he had a problem but came up with a beneficial solution.

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In the biography "Sir Winston Churchill" by Jenifer Rosenberg, it shows all the adversities and perseverance's in his life.

  1. The first adversity he faced was when he spent most of his younger years with his nanny due to the fact his parents always traveled. He persevered by focusing on school and was very successful.
  2. The next adversity he faced was his strong character traits. These soon began to be lost due to military matters and he was swiftly moved out of government. He persevered by starting to paint to help himself and avoid depression.
  3. Painting helped him to improve himself and after two years was able to move back into politics.
  4. The last adversity he faced was that many people felt he was losing touch with the daily lives of people. He was able to persevere by finding a way to keep in touch with the people by changing equality.

This sequence of events demonstrates how adversities can happen a lot but if you keep persevering and being resilient to whatever comes your way, you can overcome it.


In the story "The Boy in The Striped Pajamas" by John Boyne, it describes the different ways the main character of the story faces an adversity and then finally perseveres.

The story demonstrates how the main character wants to move out of the new house he just moved into and go back to his old house. He persevered by trying to do different things and then entertaining himself.

The next adversity the character faces is the fence that separates him and his "new" friend. He tries many different things like sneaking out of the house to talk to him, trying to get over to the other side of that fence, and crawling under the fence. Finally, on one day he gets rid of the adversity by persevering and just going under the fence to talk to and help his friend. This shows how the main character faces his overwhelming adversity and perseveres to ultimately triumph.


There are many different ways and methods for people to persevere and ultimately succeed in today's world. One of the most important messages is that perseverance can lead to triumph. Each of the individuals in the examples cited never gave up to accomplish something that was important to them. No matter who we are, what our status in society is, we will all face some adversities in our lives, but with perseverance, hard work, and determination, anyone can find success.
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