Pamlico Sound

Camaryn Richmond

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Pamlico Sound extends south and then southwestward some 80 miles from Roanoke Island to Cedar Island.

The Importance of Estuaries

  • Provide goods and services that are economically and ecologically indispensable.
  • Vital nesting and feeding habitats for many aquatic plants and animals.
  • Economics centers of coastal communities.
  • Control erosion and reduce flooding.
  • The plants of the estuaries filter the pollutants out of the water.
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Plants and Animals in the Pamlico Sound

  • Sea turtles
  • Seals
  • Oreas
  • Whales
  • Herons
  • White ibises
  • Snowy egrets

Feeding into the Pamlico Sound

  • Neuse River
  • Pamlico River
  • Oregon Inlet
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Threats of NC Estuaries

  • Changes to the land bordering and surround the estuaries is harmful.
  • Contaminates of the rivers and ocean water that is feeding into the estuaries is harming most of the estuaries of NC.
  • Dredging of channels is causing sediments to stir up and cloud the water.
  • Global warming is causing the water levels to rise.
  • A excess of toxins is causing a overgrowth of plants, which is taking too much oxygen out of the water, and suffocating the environment,.
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